In Cold Blood(Argumentative Article)

   I do believe that both Dick and Perry deserve the death penalty. If you choose to kill someone for greed, then you should pay for what you’ve done with your life. They were well aware of what they did. They had a choice to not kill the Clutter family, but they went ahead and killed them. Yes, they appeared to make the family feel more “comfortable”. That doesn’t make murder any less illegal. In the story the Clutter family was well-respected and went out of their way to help others, they did not deserve to be murdered in the way they were. Dick and Perry continued to hurt more people even after murdering the Clutter family. They even “fleeced” some of their own friends for some money.

    Being in prison for an extended period of time is also cruel, you should either have reasonable sentences or death. If someone is sentenced one hundred seventy-five years of prison, then why not just give them death instead of making them rot in an overcrowded prison. Even giving them a choice would be fair if they had a lifetime sentence. If sentenced to death, then they should have no choice in the manner. They would have deserved whatever punishment they were going to receive for their crimes.

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In Cold Blood(Expository/Research-Based Article)

   According to, a nonfiction novel is “a narrative dealing with real events and people, written in the form of a novel.”. It was known to be pioneered by Truman Capote. Capote put a lot of research into his first nonfiction novel, by interviewing a lot of people who were involved in the Clutter case. With the effort put into this novel, I’m sure he deserves to be credited with being the pioneer of the nonfiction novel. There has been earlier influences of a nonfiction novel, but Truman Capote was the person who was fortunate enough to be widely known as the pioneer of this specific type of literature.

   The significance of the nonfiction novel is that the line that separates truth from untruth becomes blurry. Facts may or may not actually be facts. The idea of the nonfiction novel is that most of the novel is true, but some facts may or may not have been altered to better interest a reader. I’m sure that this altering of some of the facts has upset some people for sure, and changing what someone says in an interview to better suit your story can easily be done without anybody knowing the difference. Even with the information not being totally accurate, it still gives you a great idea of what “could” have happened.

I got the definition of a nonfiction novel from

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In Cold Blood(Analytical)

     Truman Capote’s methods of describing the characters in this novel is truly outstanding. He describes each character in such great detail. He gives each character their own unique personalities so that you can really get a good idea of what the people in the story are feeling. He really makes it seem as if you knew some of the characters. The extra detail on each character really brings you further into the book, allowing you to understand what the people are going through. Of all the characters, Alvin Dewey sticks out to me the most. Your average workaholic, putting his work above everything else. He focused on the Clutter murder, and finding whoever did it. Once he figured out who did it, he needed solid evidence to put them in jail. Finally, when they were captured with the evidence needed to have a solid case against them, he could relax and enjoy himself more than he had in a long time. 

    He carefully introduces the killers’ personalities. He doesn’t reveal everything about them at once, he slowly adds more and more information about them as the story evolves. I do feel a little sympathetic towards them, but I don’t feel any great amount of sympathy for either of them.

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